Bold and non-standard solutions from our creative design agency.

MyPlanet is an innovative agency consisting of multidisciplinary experts. Our specialty is design, development and marketing.

Our Story

Once upon a time, there were countless businesses that were struggling to stand out in the crowded digital landscape. They had great ideas, but their designs were falling short and their user experience was lacking. That's where our design agency comes in. We are the design and development experts who blow a second wind into businesses, helping them to start their journey towards success.

Together, we are working to create a world where good design is the norm, and businesses can thrive. Join us in our mission and let us help your business succeed.

our family values

Values in MyPlanet Design agency are what help us feel better as a team, unite and encourage us to do joint quality work every day.
Our values are what help us not lose heart, make decisions and take on crazy challenges.
Family Value
(No. 01)


Communication is what allows you to focus on the result. Effective communication in the team increases effectiveness in working with clients.
Family Value
(No. 02)


We give every team member the opportunity to develop his career. This helps them to enrich their experience in order to effectively implement projects.
Family Value
(No. 03)


MyPlanet is a family that, despite various difficulties, will always support each of the team members. Based on this, we build trusting relationships with clients who also become part of our family.
Family Value
(No. 04)


We are a brave team that confidently accepts any challenge. We know what we want to achieve, so we always aim for the result despite all the difficulties.

What we believe

We love what we do and live our business. Our passion for work, creative team, helps to realize all small and big goals.
Family Mission


We rid our planet of bad design solutions using the most modern methodologies which work and combine it with the ideas of our young and experienced team. As a result, we get our partners non-standard solutions that users like and bring profit to the business
Family Vision


We open a second wind for business and help startups to start their thorny path right and attractive to our users

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