First anniversary of MyPlanet Design

Friends, we have a great holiday today because MyPlanet Design is celebrating its first anniversary! We have come a long way this year. We developed from a small startup company and are moving towards our goal - a powerful design agency. In this article, we want to tell more about our year, about our team and in general about our agency.
Nazar Verhun

Nazar Verhun

Founder, Lead Designer

First anniversary of MyPlanet Design

We founded MyPlanet Design with the goal of creating unique and impressive design solutions. We grew and developed step by step, turning our vision into reality.

There were many challenges and difficulties, but our team and self-confidence always added energy and perseverance. We gained customer support and received positive feedback.

An important moment was that we had an office that became a place for joint creativity, exchange of ideas and creation of new projects.

How have we changed?

Branding is one of the most important components of MyPlanet Design's success. We decided to put a lot of emphasis on defining a unique company identity that should reflect our professionalism, creativity and values.

We chose shades of purple, this color choice symbolizes creativity and innovation for us. The color purple also conveys calmness and professionalism, so this is exactly what we wanted to convey as a design agency.

We have developed a completely new logo. It reflects the uniqueness and professionalism of our company. The logo has become a visual element that is remembered and associated with your favorite MyPlanet Designs.

These branding elements reflect our uniqueness, professionalism and values. They create a strong foundation for our company and help build a professional name in the world of design.


The most creative people gathered in one team

We have assembled a small but mega-cool team of professionals who work together to achieve the company's goals and provide the best solutions for our clients.

Also, we defined our values, which guide us in the team and in cooperation with clients.


We are a family that, despite various difficulties, will always support each member of the team. Based on this, we build trusting relationships with clients who also become part of our family.


We give each team member the opportunity to develop his career. This helps them to enrich their experience for effective implementation of projects.


That's why our clients love us for the fact that we always discuss important points, because we believe that a conversation is more effective than a long correspondence. It is this value that is combined with "brotherhood". This tandem forms the trust of the client.


Our determination is what sets us apart. We are not afraid to take on new challenges and are always ready to do our best. We have a clear vision of what we want to achieve and work hard to make it a reality.

Our team is the best people working together to achieve great results and deliver the best solutions for our clients.


The year of our creativity

During the year, we successfully closed 25 projects that were completely different, both in terms of scope and complexity. Each project was unique and required an individual approach, and our team did everything possible to ensure high quality and customer satisfaction.

Below, we'll show you the projects we're most proud of!

Vocabular Builder

These projects are just a small part of what we did during the year. We are proud of our success and our ability to meet the needs and expectations of our clients through a creative and professional approach to each project.


A little sentimentality

Our success is the result of the passion, perseverance and efforts of the entire team. We have the ability to see opportunities and transform them into reality, and this is a key driver of growth.

We thank our customers and team who have supported us throughout the year. It is people who stimulate us to constantly grow and improve, and we are incredibly happy about it.

We also have plans for the future and we believe that this is not our first anniversary. We are committed to continuing to grow our company and provide the best solutions in the field of design and development.

Our team looks forward to the challenges and opportunities ahead, and we are confident that together we will continue to reach new heights in the world of design.


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