Notion organization in MyPlanet

MyPlanet relies on a universal tool Notion organization to manage projects, work with clients, team communications and their knowledge base. This versatile workspace allows team members to collaborate, assign tasks and track progress in real-time, making it an integral part of the team's workflow. Read more in this article.
Nazar Verhun

Nazar Verhun

Founder, Lead Designer

Notion organization in MyPlanet

MyPlanet is a digital design agency that helps businesses improve their operations and customer experiences. The company uses Notion as a CRM, database, and project management tool to streamline its workflows. This article examines how MyPlanet uses Notion to organize its work, highlighting the benefits and drawbacks of using this tool.

Notion is an all-in-one workspace that allows users to organize their tasks, projects, and notes in one place. MyPlanet uses Notion to manage its projects, team communications, client work, and knowledge base. The platform enables real-time collaboration, task assignment, and progress tracking.

Notion organization in MyPlanet Dashboard

What advantages have we noticed working with Notion?

One significant advantage of Notion is its versatility as a CRM system, data storage, and personal task tracker. MyPlanet benefits from its multifunctionality, as it is a one-stop-shop for all organizational needs. Notion offers numerous templates, saving time and helping to organize work at a top-level.

Notion's integrations with popular tools such as Slack and Figma make it easy to stay on top of work and save time. The platform is relatively affordable compared to other CRM and project management tools, making it accessible to small businesses.

MyPlanet uses Notion to manage its client work by creating a dedicated workspace for each client. The workspace includes project timelines, task lists, and communication logs, ensuring that team members stay up-to-date on project progress and that all client communications are documented in one place.

Notion organization in MyPlanet Tasks

Not without bad things

However, Notion has some drawbacks. It is not an intuitive app, and it takes time to understand all its features and functions. Additionally, Notion is not designed for managing large teams or complex projects, which may limit its functionality and convenience. Notion's limited functionality as a CRM system may also not meet all businesses' requirements compared to specialized CRM systems.

Notion organization in MyPlanet Projects

In conclusion, Notion is a powerful tool for project management, offering numerous features. However, it has some drawbacks and may not be suitable for everyone. MyPlanet's experience with Notion demonstrates that it is a valuable tool that can streamline workflows and enhance productivity.

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