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Airport Security SaaS Application

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Dubai, UAE

T1 PNR GOV is an innovative application designed to improve the efficiency of airport security. Our application provides comprehensive tools to monitor, analyze and respond to potential threats related to passengers and their activities.

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Impressed with the work of the design and development agency MyPlanet! Our project, T1 PNR GOV, is an innovative application aimed at improving the efficiency of airport security. And I am happy to share my experience of working with this exceptional team. Their professionalism, dedication and talent have helped us create an innovative product that we are proud of.

Steven M.

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Designer’s Review

Working on the T1 PNR GOV project for the 'MyPlanet' agency turned out to be an exciting and stimulating challenge for me as a designer. From the very beginning, there was a feeling that this was not just a project, but an opportunity to make a significant contribution to the development of an innovative application for airport security.The opportunity to watch my design concepts materialize into a functional and aesthetically pleasing product was especially gratifying. The result of the work turned out to be not only technically effective, but also impressively attractive to the user.


In the process of working on the T1 PNR GOV project, the design team faced several important challenges that required a creative and strategic approach to solve them. Integrating with different security services and their software can be a challenge due to the variety of technical standards and protocols. The T1 PNR GOV application sets high standards for innovation and is defined by a high level of technical complexity. It was important for the designers to provide not only functionality, but also an attractive and modern design.


The design team studied and consulted with security experts to ensure that all the necessary features and tools were properly reflected in the app. Additional tests and revisions were also conducted to ensure the effectiveness and intuitiveness of the interface. Common communication, openness to change, and mutual understanding between designers and other team members made it possible to effectively solve these challenges and create a successful and innovative product.

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Features of this application

T1 PNR GOV is an innovative application that provides a comprehensive review and analysis of passenger information to improve the effectiveness of airport security. First of all, the system allows dispatchers to obtain complete information about passengers, including their travel history, personal details and activity at airports. This makes it possible to effectively determine the level of risk and quickly respond to possible threats. In addition, T1 PNR GOV uses an automatic facial recognition system to detect and notify officers of the presence of wanted persons. This increases the security of the airport environment and helps to respond in time to potentially dangerous persons. Integration with databases on criminal activity allows analyzing the criminal history of passengers, providing an additional level of security and information about the possible connection of passengers with criminal activities.

Finally, T1 PNR GOV analyzes unusual routes and passenger activity, detecting strange trips and patterns. This allows duty officers to receive detailed reports and promptly respond to any potentially suspicious situations. Overall, T1 PNR GOV creates a robust and comprehensive airport security tool.

Advantages in Airport Security

T1 PNR GOV ensures immediate access to critical information for those on duty, allowing them to react quickly to potential threats and make quick and informed decisions. This contributes to a higher level of security and ensures an immediate response to critical situations. The monitoring system allows you to constantly monitor the activities of passengers and detect abnormal or suspicious situations in a timely manner. Automatic analysis of activity supports the recognition of potentially dangerous patterns, contributing to effective risk management and prevention of possible threats. T1 PNR GOV interfaces with various databases, including security and immigration, ensuring complete passenger information. This helps address potential knowledge gaps and creates a comprehensive analysis for effective risk assessment. T1 PNR GOV stands out thanks to its flexibility and adaptability to the needs of each airport. System parameters are adjusted to take into account the unique features of each facility, ensuring maximum efficiency.

A high level of data protection guarantees the confidentiality of information and prevents unauthorized access, which increases the reliability and stability of the system. Overall, T1 PNR GOV sets a new standard in airport security, combining speed, integration and reliability for optimal operation and protection of passengers and airport staff.

Advantage in Identification of Suspicious Passengers

T1 PNR GOV puts airport security at the center of attention, empowering staff to quickly identify and analyze suspicious passengers with all the information they need. This functionality provides a real-time advantage, allowing you to respond quickly to potentially dangerous situations. Employees using T1 PNR GOV have the ability to detect individuals who may represent a threat thanks to the automatic facial recognition system. Most importantly, they get complete information about these passengers, including their travel history, personal details and airport activity.

This allows staff to effectively assess the level of risk and take appropriate security measures. With T1 PNR GOV, workers can be confident that they have access to comprehensive and up-to-date information to ensure passenger safety and peace of mind in the airport environment.