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Bayria: Innovative SaaS TV & Web & Mobile VPN

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London, UK

Bayria VPN is an innovative application designed to provide you with maximum security and anonymity on the Internet, as well as providing a fast and reliable connection. This application is distinguished by its top speed, which makes it an ideal choice for anyone who values efficiency and privacy in the online world.

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"The design crafted by the MyPlanet team for the Bayria Mobile VPN is truly outstanding. Their creativity and attention to detail have brought our vision to life in a way that exceeds expectations. The UI/UX elements are not only visually appealing but also intuitively designed, enhancing the overall user experience. The thoughtful consideration of various platforms, from desktop to mobile, showcases their commitment to delivering a seamless and cohesive design across devices."

Bill W.

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Designer’s Review


For the Bayria VPN project, numerous challenges demanded a thoughtful approach. Achieving a consistent and intuitive user experience across diverse devices, including smartphones, laptops, and smart TVs, required meticulous attention to responsive design principles. The design team remained dedicated to crafting an interface that not only addressed technical complexities but also prioritized user understanding, engagement, and satisfaction within the Bayria VPN application.


To overcome challenges in the development of Bayria VPN, the design team implemented a responsive approach for cross-platform consistency, ensuring adaptability across devices. Complex security features were communicated through clear visual elements and tooltips, accompanied by user education resources to enhance transparency. These solutions collectively contributed to an interface that not only addressed technical complexities but also prioritized user understanding, engagement, and satisfaction.

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Mobile VPN App for IOS & Android

The iOS UI design for the Bayria Mobile VPN application seamlessly integrates Face ID authentication for secure access to the Affiliation Page. Users are presented with a visually appealing layout detailing different subscription plans, each accompanied by clear information for easy comparison. The interface dynamically showcases available server nodes based on the selected plan, offering users customization options for optimal performance.

The Devices Connected section provides real-time insights, listing connected devices with details such as device name, location, and last connection timestamp. Users are informed about the device connection limit, with a visual representation indicating the current percentage of connected devices relative to the limit. The design prioritizes consistent visual language, intuitive icons, and responsive layouts across various iOS devices, ensuring a user-friendly and secure experience

UI Design for Desktop

The desktop UI design for Bayria VPN combines functionality with a visually appealing experience, featuring a vibrant orange color palette and a minimalist design. Users can effortlessly manage subscriptions, connect new devices, send invitations to friends, and customize their profiles. The interface provides a streamlined subscription management page with clear options, ensuring users can easily select, modify, or cancel subscriptions. Adding new devices is intuitive.

The process of sending invitations is seamlessly integrated into the user profile, allowing users to track and manage sent invitations. The profile settings offer a convenient hub for users to personalize their experience, adjusting key parameters such as passwords and email addresses. The visual design, characterized by energizing orange hues and a minimalist approach, emphasizes clarity and simplicity, enhancing navigation and reducing visual clutter.

Bayria VPN for Mac OS

For the Bayria VPN on Mac OS, we've crafted a design that takes the form of a convenient widget accessible from the top menu bar. This widget seamlessly unfolds with a click, offering all the comprehensive features available on other devices. Users can effortlessly manage subscriptions, connect new devices, and fine-tune their profiles, all within this sleek and accessible interface. The design ensures that the widget not only complements the Mac OS aesthetic but also provides a consistent and powerful user experience. With a focus on simplicity and functionality, the Bayria VPN widget on Mac OS exemplifies seamless integration into the user's workflow, delivering a user-friendly and feature-rich solution at their fingertips.