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Fincubate MVP: Launching Minimum Viable Product Solutions

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Our Contribution

User research

Developed user personas

User Flows

Created a wireframe

Designed the visual interface

Usability testing


Startups Accelerator


2 month


Product Designer

Lead Product Designer

Graphic Designer

Project Manager


London, UK

FincubateMVP is a SAAS platform designed to accelerate the growth of startups. The platform offers a range of tools and resources to help startups develop and launch their Minimum Viable Product (MVP) quickly and efficiently.

FincubateMVP provides a user-friendly interface that allows startups to easily create and customize their MVPs. The platform offers a variety of templates and pre-built components that can be easily integrated into the MVP, making it easy for even non-technical users to create a functional product.

In addition to the MVP creation tools, FincubateMVP offers a suite of features to help startups manage and grow their businesses. These include customer relationship management (CRM) tools, marketing automation, analytics and reporting, and collaboration tools to streamline team communication and productivity.

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I recently had the pleasure of collaborating with MyPlanet to create a captivating web presence for our business, and I must say, the experience was nothing short of exceptional. MyPlanet's expertise and dedication truly transformed our vision into a stunning reality. Our partnership with MyPlanet exceeded all expectations.

Bjion Henry

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Designer’s Review


One of the main problems that arose during the creation of the UX/UI design of the FincubateMVP platform was ensuring that the platform was easy to use and navigate for users with varying levels of technical expertise.


To address this issue, the design team worked closely with UX specialists to conduct extensive user research and testing to identify pain points and areas of confusion. Based on this research, the team redesigned the user interface to be more intuitive and user-friendly, with clear and concise labeling and easy-to-understand icons and graphics.

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User Flows

The user flows within Fincubate are meticulously crafted to enhance task completion efficiency. Through the process of mapping out user flows, the design team adeptly identifies and addresses potential bottlenecks, streamlining the user experience and enabling users to achieve their objectives effortlessly. Continuous iterations based on user testing further refine the user flows, resulting in an enhanced and seamless user experience within the application.

FincubateMVP | SAAS Platform


The initial stage of wireframing for FincubateMVP commenced with a preliminary sketch of the platform's user interface. This wireframe incorporated temporary placeholders for different design components, serving as a fundamental visual depiction of the platform's navigation, layout, and hierarchy of content. The wireframe underwent thorough evaluation and refinement, incorporating valuable input from stakeholders. Upon obtaining approval for the wireframe, the team progressed to the subsequent phase of comprehensive design work, utilizing the wireframe as a solid groundwork for crafting the visual interface design.

FincubateMVP | SAAS Platform

Mobile Design

The user interface design journey for FincubateMVP commenced with the wireframing process, which established the foundational layout and structure of the platform's user interface. Once the wireframe received approval, the team advanced to a more comprehensive design phase.

Beginning with the creation of a style guide, the team defined the platform's visual identity, encompassing aspects such as typography, color schemes, and other design elements. This guide guaranteed a consistent and harmonious visual design throughout the platform.

Subsequently, the team crafted high-fidelity mockups of the user interface, which underwent thorough evaluation and refinement based on feedback from various stakeholders, including the project manager, developers, and user representatives. Incorporating the valuable input received, the team made necessary modifications and enhancements to the mockups, with a primary focus on ensuring a user-friendly, intuitive, and effortlessly navigable platform.

FincubateMVP | SAAS Platform

User Interface Design Process

The process of designing the user interface SAAS Platform for FincubateMVP (Minimum Viable Product) commenced with wireframing, providing an initial layout and structure for the platform's user interface. Upon approval of the wireframe, the team proceeded to undertake more detailed design work.
An essential step involved creating a comprehensive style guide that defined the platform's visual identity, encompassing typography, color schemes, and other design elements. This guide played a crucial role in ensuring consistency and cohesiveness in the platform's visual design.
Subsequently, the team developed high-fidelity mockups that portrayed the user interface in greater detail. These mockups underwent thorough evaluation and refinement, incorporating valuable feedback from stakeholders, such as the project manager, developers, and user representatives. The team made iterative changes and enhancements to the mockups, with a particular focus on fostering a user-friendly, intuitive, and easily navigable platform experience.

FincubateMVP | SAAS Platform

Startups Panel Interface

The launch pad interface for FincubateMVP (Minimum Viable Product) is a web-based platform that gives startups access to a range of tools, resources and support to help them grow their business.

The interface should be user-friendly and easy to navigate, with a clean and modern design.The interface's main dashboard will provide startups with an overview of their progress in the accelerator program, including key metrics such as tasks, employee and partner engagement.

It can also include a to-do list with Trello integration to help startups stay organized and on track.

FincubateMVP | SAAS Platform
FincubateMVP | SAAS Platform
FincubateMVP | SAAS Platform

Admin Panel Interface

The main dashboard of the admin panel interface will provide an overview of the program's performance, including key metrics such as the number of startups registered, their progress in the program and the addition of new startups, support.

FincubateMVP | SAAS Platform
FincubateMVP | SAAS Platform
FincubateMVP | SAAS Platform
FincubateMVP | SAAS Platform