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With the help of ux/ui design, you can increase brand awareness, change the way you do business, gain the trust of customers, and help create an efficient and pleasant experience.

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Unleash the power of design

At MyPlanet, we go above and beyond to deliver design solutions that not only convert leads into customers but also maximize the value they derive from your product. Our commitment to excellence drives us to provide the highest standard of design tailored specifically to your business needs.

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MyPlanet Design Agency gathers a team of highly qualified and creative designers. We’re able to adapt the latest technologies and design trends to create unique and modern interfaces. We strive not only to please the eyes, but also to provide an optimal user experience.
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Focus on Results

At MyPlanet Design Agency, we understand that UI/UX is not just about aesthetics – it's about achieving specific business goals. Our approach is to not only impress users visually, but also optimize interactions to improve conversion rates and ensure sustainable growth for your business.
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Individual Approach

Our agency believes in close cooperation with clients. We listen to your needs, take into account the specifics of your brand and audience to create individually adapted solutions. You can count on our openness to change and willingness to improve your product to achieve the best results.
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Putting Customers First, Designing Exceptional Experiences

At MyPlanet Design, we specialize in crafting user experiences driven by comprehensive research. If your goal is to ensure your clients' satisfaction while using your product, app, or services, prioritizing the customer is paramount to success. Our UX services are dedicated to building a seamless and delightful experience that emphasizes value and understanding for your customers.

With our user experience design expertise, we ensure that every interaction between your product and your clients flows effortlessly. Our meticulous research and rigorous user testing enable us to create enduring interface design solutions that stand the test of time.

our design process

Our design process is a creative way where ideas turn into reality. From the moment of meeting the client to the last touch in the design, we invest not only knowledge and experience, but also our heart in every stage.


One-on-one conversations with users to gather information about their experiences, needs, and goals.


One-on-one conversations with users to gather information about their experiences, needs, and goals.


One-on-one conversations with users to gather information about their experiences, needs, and goals.

Creating a visual image

Formation of the initial image of the project, definition of basic design principles and key elements.

User Research

Collecting and analyzing information about the target audience and conducting interviews, surveys and other research methods.

User Journey Mapping

Determining the steps a user will go through when interacting with a product or service.

Competitor Analysis

Research and analysis of other competing products or services in the market.

User Personas

Creating abstract representations of typical users to better understand their needs and characteristics.

Analysis of business requirements

Studying the goals and objectives of the product, analyzing the target audience and its needs, and determining the key elements of the interface to achieve business goals.


Creating a basic interface structure, placing key elements and functions on the page, and establishing logical navigation and interaction.

Creating layouts

Adding visual elements and styling the interface, using colors, fonts and graphic elements to define the style and creating detailed images of the interface for further evaluation.

Interaction prototyping

Creating a prototype that allows you to interact with interface elements to test and determine how well they work.


Conducting prototype testing among users or internal teams to obtain feedback. Collection of reactions and identification of possible improvements.

Fixes and Optimizations

Based on the received feedback and test results, corrections and optimizations are made to the prototype to improve its performance and compliance with the requirements.

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Elevate Experiences with Seamless UI Design

At MyPlanet Design, our user interface design services are driven by a singular goal: to leverage our extensive knowledge gained from customer research and testing to transform prototypes into fully immersive interactive interfaces. Consistency, scalability, and user-friendliness hold the utmost importance for our dedicated team of UX developers.

Once the foundation is laid, our UX experts establish a comprehensive style guide and a robust design system. Every animation is strategically crafted to captivate users. With a holistic understanding of your project, our team ensures that every minute element finds its perfect place within your designs.

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